In case of rental for less than a month,do I have to pay the monthly fee?

Generally the rental is not made for a period of less than a month.
However, we invite you to send us your request by filling out the appropriate form in the contact section of our web site so as to evaluate  in detail and understand how best to respond to your needs.

Is transport included in the price?

Transport is not included in the price.
In the offer phase, in addition  to the rental fee, the transport costs for the delivery and collection of the module will be indicated.

Are your modules equipped with air conditioning and heating systems?

Of course, upon request, we can provide  all of our modules with all options needed, such as the air conditioner or heater.

Is the module redeemable at the end of the rental?

Generally yes.
At the end of the rental, the redemption price is calculated also according to the duration of the rental.

If the bathrooms have a collection tank, do they need to be cleaned?

Yes. If the bathroom is equipped with a collection tank, this must be emptied before “returning” the module.
If it is not emptied by the customer, we will arrange for it to be emptied by a drainage company. The cost of this cleaning will be charged to the customer.

If a door or window breaks during the rental period, do I have to replace/repair it?

In the event of damage, such as a broken door or window glass, we will directly provide for the repair/replacement at the end of the rental by sending the customer the report of the expenses incurred.